They have a technically and creatively outdated website that doesn’t convert website visitors into phone calls or new leads

They don't know how to use Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords to attract new customers

How Can MobileTekk Help You With This?

Follow these tips below or contact us for help

  • Make sure your company website is mobile enabled, looks current and is easy to navigate. Boston area people are technically savvy and won't tolerate anything less. The website experience for potential customers has completely changed over the last couple of years and most businesses have failed to adapt.
  • Remember many website visitors will be coming to you via smart phones. Your site should be extremely convenient, easy to use but inspire people to take immediate action. Times have changed, has your website and business kept up with these changes?
  • Google and the use of search engine optimization (SEO) will send you a steady stream of traffic and potential customers in your local market. Google Adwords will sell you qualified traffic with potential customers anytime you need. The problem? Most businesses have no clue on how to successfully use these digital platforms. Master these or hire someone who knows how to use them and you'll have a constant supply of customers and clients.
  • And last but not least, make sure that your website can actually convert these new website visitors into leads. This can be in the form of phone calls, emails or walk ins. Your website should be clear concise and most importantly inspire people to contact you.
  • The only thing that really matters with a local business website is traffic and conversion. This means people can find you online and they actually contact you.

It’s a simple online formula that eludes most businesses:

Traffic + Conversions = Leads
Converted Leads = Sales

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What makes MobileTekk different from other web agencies?

MobileTekk Other Agencies
Affordable Expensive
No Contracts Mandatory Contracts in many cases
Impeccable Customer Service Difficult getting a return call
We listen to YOU and find out what YOU need They tell you what they think you need
Direct access to the owner of the company Access to customer rep only
We monitor and update accounts weekly Accounts are rarely checked after initial set up
Getting sales for your business is our priority Selling you is the main goal

Services MobileTekk Offers


MobileTekk, a West Boylston,Massachusetts based website agency was created in 2013 by Rick Miller. Mr. Miller is a longtime Worcester resident who is active in the community and loves helping local area businesses navigate and succeed in the very complex and confusing digital world. MobileTekk focuses on creating effective websites and web advertising campaigns for local businesses allowing these companies to grow their customer base with sound digital strategies.
Before Mr. Miller created MobileTekk he worked in the website and digital marketing industry as an Web IT professional for 15 years. Acquiring a great deal of knowledge in the field of Web Design, Google Algorithms and Digital Marketing has allowed MobileTekk to become a reality and grow quickly.
Currently, MobileTekk has a great team of technology, creative/design, and customer support professionals that love serving our local Massachusetts, New England and National clients. We are dedicated to helping businesses in Massachusetts and beyond grow and prosper and we consider ourselves partners with all our clients.
Rick Miller, Owner and Director of Development and Sales, MobileTekk

What can we do for YOU?

At MobileTekk, we provide a complete suite of web services to allow you to succeed in the Digital Age. Cutting edge websites, dedicated landing pages and extremely effective Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords campaigns to help you bring in customers and clients every week. Let us remove the fear of the digital world and help you grow your business with the latest technology. Get started before your competition does!


The digital world is changing rapidly and it's hurting many small businesses. The main problem is most websites are not technologically and creatively current. If your website is not up to date, then you're losing serious money. Secondly, Google is a powerful platform for allowing small businesses to acquire new client's and customers. We study their algorithms, test constantly and know exactly what they expect websites to do on a technical and creative basis to ensure a steady flow of new business..


Contact us for a complimentary Web Strategy Session. We will tell you exactly what you need to do to acquire customers in today's digital world. You can either move forward on your own with the knowledge you receive or decide to get help from us. It's your choice! We just want to make sure you have the information to thrive in the digital age. Our strategic advice may be FREE but invaluable to you in today's technical world.

Rick Miller and MobileTekk have provided my personal company and hundreds of other companies, that are clients, in the best way possible. His web services allow businesses to compete and succeed in the digital age. If you need to attract customers online then Rick Miller and MobileTekk will show you the way.

- Bob Maunsell

CEO, Electronic Security Group and Security Marketing Guru